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The founder and soul of Buffelskom Farming were asked a question: “What makes Buffelskom Boerdery different from every other ostrich farm in South-Africa...if not every ostrich farm in the world?

This was his answer...

“The biggest reason is our unique farming model; a closed compartment model. This is something we pioneered here at Buffelskom. And many people said it couldn’t be done...but we proved them wrong.

Through this model, our birds are isolated from contact with other ostriches. It stays like that throughout their lives.
From when the eggs are laid in our own breeding farm... to when the chicks grow and mature into adult birds, they never leave Buffelskom.

Because unlike other farms, we never buy or sell birds.
We breed the best of the best, and we rear the best of the best.

Geography also adds to our uniqueness...

We’re a long way from the traditional ostrich farming regions of the country. More than one thousand two hundred kilometers away. So our birds are also isolated from diseases like AVIAN flu that flare up from time to time.

Being able to maintain healthy birds means that we have been able to guarantee a constant supply of the finest quality meat to our markets. Another reason why our ostrich meat is sought after is that Buffelskom is a family farm.

We care deeply about how our birds are treated. Because at the end of the day, the better they are treated, the better the meat quality will be. That’s why we never cut corners.

Take the quality of the food our birds eat...

In addition to what they eat naturally, we supplement their diet with Lucerne, maize, and alfalfa.

We meet the standards imposed by the EU and our own government. But we’re also obsessive about these controls.
Like the fact that every single ostrich is numbered, which means we can trace every single cut of meat that we produced.

If it’s Buffelskom Ostrich meat, people should know it’s the finest, premium quality ostrich meat available.

Meat from birds that have been farmed in a unique way.
And meat from birds that have been cared for.
And of all the quality cuts we produce, there’s one kind that you won’t find coming from Buffelskom Boerdery...

Short cuts.

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